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About Ruchill

Situated between Maryhill and Possilpark in the northwest of Glasgow. The area contains Ruchill park, Ruchill golf course, the Clyde-Forth cannal, the site of the former Ruchill hospital and number of older and modern house estates.

Forth and Clyde Canal

The Canal runs along the western side of Ruchil.  Work on the Canal started in 1763 and it was completed and opened in 1790.  It was built to help trade and industry in Glasgow.  As road and rail advanced, use of the canal declined.  Wold War 1 saw the closing of the Firth of Forth to commercial shipping and this had a dramtic impact on the Forth and Clyde Canal.  After years of neglct, the Forth and Clyde Canal was reopened in 2001 and is managed by British Waterways.

Along the side of the canal stands the former offices of Alexander, Fergusson & Co paint works and the Mondriaan housing development.

Murano Street Student Village

Also next to the canal is the the University of Glasgow Murano Street Student Village.  It is the University's largest residence, with rooms for over 1100 students.

Ruchill Parish Church

Ruchill Parish Church is an active Church of Scotland which meets regularly for worship services. Attached to the main church building is the church hall.  This was designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

Ruchill Park

Ruchill Park is one of the main features of Ruchill.  At the top of the park is the flagpole.  The base of which is situated on an artificial mound.  Views of the city centre, the West End, Glasgow University, the Campsie fells and Ben Lomond can be seen from the base of the flagpole.  The park has a number of children's play areas, multi use games area and outdoor gymnasium equipment. The park is also know for its flower and flower beds, in particular roses and daffodils.  

Ruchill Golf Course

Ruchill Golf Course has been redeigned, with the help of Colin Montgomerie and £6 million of funding.  The course is maintained and run by Glasgow City Council.

Ruchill Community Centre

Along Bilsland drive is Ruchill Community Centre.  This is the centre of many community activities in the area.

Ruchill Hospital 

The hospital opened in 1900 to treat infectious disease.  In the 1980s it became the primary hospital in Glasgow to treat HIV.  The hospital was closed in 1998.  In the centre of the grounds is an impressive tower which can be seen across most of north Glasgow.

Map of Ruchill