About the THIS IS RUCHILL website

This site is for the community of Ruchill.  It's purpse is to help build community in the area by bringing to together the various groups and individuals who invest their time, engery and money in the area.

The site is updated daily by pulling in content from numerious sources.  This helps the site to always be up to date and something different is available for the returning visitor.

On this site, a visitor can discover the following:

  • What services are availabe in the area
  • See what groups have been set up in the area and read about their latest news
  • Find out what is happening with the housing associations which operate within the area
  • See what private homes are available for Rent and for Sale
  • Find who the local elected representives are, where and when they hold their surgies and news about how they serve the area
  • What businesses have invested in the area
  • Find out about what event are organised in the local area


Adam Birr

This website has been built by Adam Birr.  Adam is a resident of Ruchill and has lived in the area for over 12 years

Although originially from the flat landscape of East Anglia, Adam has spent more than half his adult life living in Glasgow and loves the vibrance of  city and the genuine warmth of the people of Glasgow. 


    "As a Christian, I am firm believer in having a positive impact wherever you are.  As a software engineer, one way I can give back to the community is developing websites.  With the helpf of a Foundation Scotland Spark grant I have put this website together to serve the community.  I hope that it is a benefit to all in the community."

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