Scottish Elections 2016 – What the candidates said


We asked the candidates for the Spingburn and Maryhill constituency for the 2016 Scottish Parliament Elections what they would do for Ruchill.  The candidates are:

  • John Anderson, Scottish Conservatives
  • Bob Doris, SNP
  • Patricia Ferguson, Scottish Labour
  • James Harrison, Scottish Liberal Democrats

Bob Doris for the SNP and John Anderson for the Scottish Conservatives answered the request.  Here is what they had to say.

Bob Doris, SNP

“Ruchill has changed over the years with many new houses. Additional amenities have not always followed. Local youth groups such as NUC – based at Ruchill Community Centre- provide vital services but demand often outstrips services. I will work with the local community to help expand and enhance services. Childcare and schooling are of prime importance. I was proud to support Ruchill Primary School the specialist autism unit’s parents when the city council threatened to close both in 2009- a year before the new Benview campus opened. We won that battle, just as together we recently won the battle to retain our school buses. The Council have not planned adequately for nursery or primary provision and I want to work to deliver the SNP Government’s election pledge to double childcare to 30 hours a week. We will also target far more resources to schools in areas of deprivation with £750m to close the attainment gap. Ruchill can be better served by transport links and I will work to improve this. Jobs are also a key priority. I will work to ensure our youngsters get the opportunity to gain as many of the 30,000 new apprenticeships each year under a re-elected SNP Government. We will also keep university education and prescriptions free. An SNP Government will abolish the bedroom tax and use new powers to help those living with disabilities. It would be a privilege to be the areas first ever SNP constituency MSP.”

John Anderson, Scottish Conservatives

“The Scottish Conservatives will be a strong opposition to the SNP – holding the SNP to account at every opportunity. I will stand up for the two million Scots who voted No to independence and I will oppose a second referendum. Nicola Sturgeon should keep her promise ‎that the referendum was ‘once in a generation’. I will also oppose any attempt to see Scots taxed more than our family and friends in the rest of the United Kingdom. 
The Scottish Conservatives will invest in quality public services by guaranteeing an increase iin Investment in our health services, supporting local GP services, and providing more money for mental health services. ‎We will bring local accountability back to our national police service. And we will invest in education by reversing the cuts to College places undertaken by the last SNP government. 
Here in Glasgow, I will ensure that the £1billion Glasgow City Deal announced by the UK Government provides investment in our infrastructure and jobs for local people. 
Give Scotland a strong opposition, vote Scottish Conservative and Unionist on 5th May.”

Unfortunately neither Patricia Ferguson for Scottish Labour nor James Harrison for Scottish Liberal Democrats replied to our request.