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Ruchill Park

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221 Firhill Road
G20 7SQ

Ruchill park is designated as a 53 acre local park and is located in the north of Glasgow. The park lies approximately two miles north of Glasgow city centre and has access gates at Bilsland Drive, Firhill Road, Murano Street and Panmure Street.

Ruchill Park provides a recreational space for local students who reside at the local halls of residence, dog walkers, joggers, orienteering enthusiasts as well as people who just like to visit and take in the flower beds as well as the stunning views that can be had from the park's many vantage points. The best of these being at the base of the flagpole.


The park was acquired in 1892 for £35,000 and derives its name from the old house and estate of Ruchill. The house was situated a small distance to the north the park.

The park was purchased by the city fathers of the time to give the large working class population who resided in the tenemental properties of the North/North West of Glasgow, which had no gardens, a green oasis for leisure and recreation.